Dubai Expo2020 to boost UAE job opportunities

An approximate 277,000 direct jobs in Dubai  are expected to be created from 2014-2020 if Dubai wins the Expo 2020 bid. The key job sectors benefiting from the event would be Infrastructure jobs, Construction jobs, Travel jobs and Hospitality jobs. Dubai Expo would put the Middle East and Gulf region in lime light as the boom town of Middle East. This would mean at least 75% of these jobs for expats from UK, Europe, India, Philippines etc. 

New roads will be constructed, Dubai Metro would be extended to the Expo venue, more flights would be ordered, Al Maktoum airport itself would absorb at least 15,000 jobs. The recent order of Emirates Airlines, the state carrier of Dubai for 90 of Airbus A380 jumbo aircrafts is a sign that the desert emirate strongly believes it could win the Expo bid. The delivery of these aircrafts would be from 2018 which clearly falls in line with the Expo 2020 vision. They include admin jobs in Dubai, MEP jobs, air traffic control jobs in Dubai airport, customer service jobs, duty free shop jobs in Dubai and much more. Expo is expected to pump in upwards of $23 billion and expects 25 million visitors over a period of six months in 2020.

45,000 new hotel rooms would need to be built keeping a fair assumption that 70% of the Expo visitors would visit from outside the UAE. This would create 20,000 new jobs in Dubai hotels. The event would help Dubai further diversify from oil related activities to non-oil based economy – construction, tourism, hospitality, travel, leisure, infrastructure etc.

As of 2 November, Bill Gates – the founder of Microsoft Corporation , James Cameron – Prime Minister of UK, Netherlands, France and a host of other nations have supported Dubai’s bid to host Expo 2020. The huge public support and level of enthusiasm clearly indicates BIE’s decision to vote for Dubai, UAE.

Abu Dhabi and Sharjah job market to benefit from Expo 2020

Abu Dhabi, the capital of Dubai and Sharjah, the third largest emirate in the UAE would also benefit if Dubai wins Expo 2020 bid. The proposed Expo 2020 venue is at an equal distance from Dubai and Abu Dhabi and this would be a boost to Abu Dhabi economy. The key job creation sectors in these emirates would be tourism and travel in Abu Dhabi & construction and housing in Sharjah.

The event is also of particular interest for the labor market and search firms in UAE. 60% of all jobs are being filled through search firms in the UAE and each of the consultancies in the overcrowded market is hoping to have a larger pie of their own.

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